A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Vampire Sandbox Adventure, made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33:

Somehow, your castle became a tourist trap while you slept. This is a problem. What's worse, your bat friend has been scared away, and you've got to rescue him! What's a Vampire to do? You could avoid the sun and keep a low profile until you find your friend, but that might be hard. You could try to scare them off, or even make them into a quick snack, but that could make things even more hectic. Or you could just go find some dark corner of the castle to nap in until this blows over... I'm not your boss.


Move: Arrows, WASD
Jump: Space
Descend: Down + Jump
Interact: Enter/Up/C/Y/Z
Guard/Hide: Down
Feed: V/X/F


  • Find your bat friend somewhere in the castle to win!
  • To fall through some platforms, crouch and press jump.
  • You're a Vampire, so stay out of bright light unless you want to be dust.
  • You can turn into a bat to jump in mid-air, but this will startle others.
  • Scaring or hurting other characters will cause panic to escalate, bringing in new and more dangerous NPCs. But it is fun.
  • Feed on other characters to recover lost health, and make a new friend!
  • You can change some background objects by pressing Interact near them (try this on curtained windows).
  • If you're in danger, you can hide in closets by crouching in front of them.


  • Left Click: Place a Walkable Path for all characters (Yellow).
  • Ctrl + Left Click: Place a Walkable Path for the player only (Green).
  • Shift + Left Click: Place a Vertical Limit/Ceiling (Cyan).
  • 1-8: Place object type. Hold Shift to mirror object.
  • Tab: Test Game
  • Enter: Save Edited Level. *WARNING* Overwrites Local Level Data. Proceed at own risk!


MagmaMcFry: Game Design, Programming
Sunspider (@Dahold): Level Design, Art, Audio


There are Tourists in my Castle (Windows, exe) 3 MB
There are Tourists in my Castle (Cross-Platform, Java) 4 MB

Install instructions

For Windows EXE version:

  • Download executable to the folder of your choice, and double-click to launch it.

For Cross-Platform Java version:

  • Requires Java: (Get the latest version here)
  • Download zipped archive, and unzip it to the folder of your choice.
    • Windows: Run "start.bat"
    • Mac, Linux: Run "start.sh"


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(2 edits)

Definitely late to the party, but this game has crashed twice on me (on Linux -- thanks for supporting that, by the way). Bug report is

Runtime exception!
    at ld33.game.creature.NPC.follow(NPC.java:88)
    at ld33.game.action.FollowAction.tick(FollowAction.java:37)
    at ld33.game.creature.NPC.tick(NPC.java:155)
    at ld33.game.Game.tick(Game.java:132)
    at ld33.state.GameState.loop(GameState.java:30)
    at core.state.State.run(State.java:41)
    at ld33.state.MenuState.onButtonPressed(MenuState.java:82)
    at core.state.State.eventLoop(State.java:71)
    at core.state.State.run(State.java:39)
    at ld33.main.LD33Main.main(LD33Main.java:16)

Both times this happened, I had a lot of vamp minions. Dunno if that's relevant.

Also, the file "Dusted.wav" is referred to in the code as "dusted.wav" (a different bug that I "fixed" by renaming the file).

That aside, this is certainly a fun game! I've seen the premise before, and this is a very nice realization of it.

The game randomly closes for no reason that i can see